I gathered a lot of supplies, Winter can be long and dark - it doesn't matter - i will be busy painting. Probably much less outdoors as painting in low temperatures is more challenging, but let's hope i will have some paintings done under the inter sky!
I have few commissions to complete. Owners of modern condos with minimalistic furniture, like abstract art to complement their decor. Sometimes they choose from what i have in the studio, sometimes they give me their colour preferences. I like this process, i usually paint 2 - 3 pieces in the similar colour scheme, this helps me to be creative and stay focused. I have another project competing with art making - my health. I dedicate a lot of time and effort to it. In the year 2015 I would like to become daily painter. Why? Is this wise to commit to something i might not be able to do? I believe i can make small painting a day,  Daily practice will improve my skills, help me to keep creative every day and become disciplined with painting routine.


I have time early in the morning before going to my day job. I  think it will be good practice. Perhaps 5 X 7 inches would be a basic size for my little paintings and  8 X 10. I wonder how 365 paintings will change my style or approach to art. It might be very interesting year!!!  I would focus on landscapes and abstracts, but i will add also still life and perhaps some collage. The goal is to create 365 small paintings. Whatever is in my studio now will not be part of this process. I will be posting my progress - i will start practicing daily painting in November to see how this is really like!