The temperatures are still in the low minus 20 C. At least sunshine makes things more beautiful, but not inviting enough to paint outdoors! The hot art in blazing energetic colours and warm organic lively forms is filling my studio! The colder outside the more saturated and psychedelic colours on my paintings. I am also working on a series of small collages and place them in the sketchbook. The inspiration comes from the poetry of Sara Teasdale, Emily Dickinson, Christina Rossetti and many more. I especially choose poems about birds, flowers, gardens, trees and Love!!!! I am exploring this site: Public Domain Poetry
I listen to super romantic and mild  music from Hollywood movies ( Hollywood In Love - Romantic Movie Memories) and drink Italian Moscato or Canadian Riesling. I like my wines white, crisp, a little sweet and fruity. I look forward to my creative weekend again. Grilled chicken, steamed colourful veggies, fruit smoothies! laughter, wonderful conversations and time far away from everyday things..... Eh…..and a bouquet of beautiful pink and white flowers i received for Valentine is still as fresh as it was! Flowers in days of winter bring totally new energy! The image below decorated my business cards, for me it is a picture of sunshine, vacations and good time!!!