Someone asked why i paint abstract and landscape. <?

Abstract - Pure
Intuitive, spontaneous, not planned - is the purest expression. It is a glimpse of the state of the mind, colour of soul, temperature of the spirit, measure of the energy level, it is a nonverbal expression of the thought, idea, feeling. Pure translation of the inside to the outside world in the language of colour and form, full of hidden symbols and metaphors. Images are appearing from dream state like, from the ocean of thoughts. Abstract paintings are Landscapes of the Mind.

Landscape - Genuine
Painting from nature is a little different process. Seeing landscape in the current state, light, temperature, bringing own skills. Bringing to the setting  own state of mind. Painting the feeling actual combination stimulates. Genuine response, raw, immediate interpretation, captured states of what is seen and what is felt at the same time. Painting outdoors is Mind in the Landscapes.