I didn't participate in many art shows last year, I was exploring different possibilities and focused on large expressionistic paintings.  
I like to paint and new ideas are endless. I took few workshops, gave few, painted a lot of landscapes outdoors and made hundreds of tiny robots and mini dinosaurs/monsters. I was also working on two sketchbooks.  One exploring the Dark Side - with quotes, clippings from magazines, drawings of fictional, movie characters -  Jocker, Darth Vader, Dirty Harry, Agent Carter, Terminator and many more. There are some comical twists by combining them together and playing with their images and words. Thank you Barb for such a wonderful idea! Second sketchbook is about small drawings - no theme, all kind of doodles and sketches.
Time after work and between creative moments is dedicated to the gym! Swimming, Yoga, Weights, Hiking, Walking, Biking, Boxing.... it is like art - the more I do the more I like it. 
If I only could sleep less than 6 hours.... March of Robots - many artists draw, create and produce bellowed robots - it is a tradition for me to. October is an Inktober Month ( thanks to Jake Parker) and March is March of the Robots!