Yeah i painted quite few new paintings and some i can even show to the world, but i am learning how to photograph and scan them properly. Should i make an inventory or just snapshots. In the past i had quite elaborate system, but i painted less and i was more organized and enthusiastic administrator. Now i am mostly an artist. I would like to start new year making it right. At least i learned to scan all my receipts, so the originals can go to the box, I do not have to sort them anymore. It will simplify preparing for income tax return season!!!!
...But with paintings? I am still debating. Some of my friends share their ideas. 
In the meantime i started to paint from my new pochade box Santa gave me for Christmas. It is too cold to go out so i set it up at home and made first painting to test my new gear. It is a Guerilla Box funny name, eh?
And i have new phone - awesome one and only One Plus  I absolutely love it!
New Pochade Box, New Paintings, New Scanned Pictures with new Phone and all in New Year.