I believe in a flow, harmony and gentle fluidity, in peaceful lakes and skies. When things and people are difficult - i endure, wait until storm passes. I look for different, less rocky paths toward safe harbours. The flow is when the heart is happy, truthful to self and in a spontaneous harmony with the surroundings, reflecting in the lakes of peace. It is not a fight, not a mine, not a storm, or labour camp.

Some people believe in changing environment - i believe in finding the right one. I am a pilgrim not a mountain crusher; i do not take out the sword, just ask for a safe passage and offer comfort or help to those who are kind and caring. I remember how the serenity feels like; i know how to recognize it. I experienced friendship and kindness, false gold doesn't fool me. I believe In self reliance, growth, integrity and respect them in others. I believe in freedom.

I enjoy the road if it is pleasant, make notes, paint pictures, make friends or enemies and continue on the road – road to the safe harbour,  I am a pilgrim.