I had to say last sad goodbye to my Aunt, lovely elegant Lady and the last Tree in my part of the Woods, the last Bridge to the past. I will miss Her!

Painting always helped me with emotions and so swimming and music! Recently I rediscovered epic  (  Immediate Music ) grand, dramatic, polyphonic, spiritual, open and energetic music. Can't stop listening to it. Wagner, Mahler, Rachmaninoff, Haydn are not large enough! Saga of the Immortals is number one , but almost all by Immediate play in my soul! I am finding great comfort looking at the Lake Ontario, clouds and sky, endless landscapes…..

I painted almost every other day in November and December, I am glad i could! Most of the paintings  were  winter landscapes, Christmas trees, snow and distant hills. I gave away all my sketches. It will be BlueChristmas .
I can't focus on joy, social gatherings are less appealing than ever. Music and looking at the wonderful decoration in the stores and public buildings bring some festive moods. 
I returned to the gym and swimming pool, i work and paint - that is plenty to handle.

If i could play epic music instead of talking will anybody understand?