We have lots of snow in Toronto. I still paint everyday or almost every day, Started to scan pictures, but my scanner is not working well and the results are not perfect, pictures taken by the camera are distorted colours are not close to what I painted. I miss spring, summer and fall colours - winter landscapes are not inspiring!!!. Sure I painted a few, but it is grey or sepia or umber  – sad and boring…. Colours are absent without the sunshine! Sure I can use some imagination….

Recently i rediscovered oil pastels stashed in one of the boxes with supplies. It was never my favourite medium, but it is perfect for quick colour sketches. Colours are brilliant, I have very limited palette and i like rather impressionistic approach than blending, I prefer when the colours are pure and with small dots and lines applied close or on top of each other). Here is one of the quick sketches I made during lunch time.