The weather is as wintery as it was in January, but the Sunshine is wonderful - days much longer and warmth and intensity of rays are bringing hope. I cannot walk - it is too cold, I suffer to be indoors all the time. I miss fresh air. Last week i tossed to garbage bin my old hiking/winter shoes eaten by salt and destroyed by the intensive use and purchased brand new that will serve for next two or three years. I have now Salomon Synapse. Warm, light, waterproof and cool looking. Those are the warmest boots/shoes i had in last 20 years! Last two winters made me! I love hiking, so i will use my Solomons often. For summer hiking i like the lightest Merrels i can find!!! I miss Spring and so millions of people on the globe! I still paint my crazy colours with delight! Unfortunately last few days i was de-energized by super ugly flu! Couldn't even watch a movie!!!!
Spring where are you?