Such a wonderful time of the year! Green trees and blue skies. If i only could spend more time outside….. With my superlight camping equipment, mini stove, foldable bike and small pochade box and tripod i take short trips and paint landscapes....or just have a nap and hide from the world. Preferably in the presence of the spruce, pine or fir - I like them a lot. I wish i had a tiny mobile home or trailer somewhere close to the lake and shadowy forest and ... close to the bus and a store as i still refuse to have a car. I would have my "Escape and Create" place. I am visiting often my friends in the Midland area – they have a lovely cottage, but I cannot paint there, too much to do. I was invited to do some murals and to sell art outdoors, but i believe i am done with it. I want peace, quiet and lots of naps!